The following instructions will help ensure your comfort and help you to be better informed.

  • Do not eat or drink anything. (including water) after midnight the day of the surgery unless otherwise instructed by your physician or anesthesiologist. Undigested food in the stomach can cause complications and your surgery is likely to be postponed if you forget.
  • Discuss with your physician or anesthesiologist which medications, if any, are to be taken on the morning of surgery.
  • Upon arrival to the Las Vegas Surgery Center, do not urinate until speaking with the admitting nurse; a urine sample may be required.
  • Bathe or shower and brush your teeth - taking care not to swallow any water - the morning of surgery.
  • Please leave all valuables at home. We also suggest that you wear casual, loose clothing, especially with procedures involving the extremities.
  • Arrange for an adult to drive you home and stay with you for the first night following your surgery. A member of our staff will be happy to contact the person you designate when you are ready to leave.
  • If you experience any health changes between your most recent visit to your surgeon and the day of surgery, notify your surgeon. Please report even minor changes, such as elevated temperature, cough, or cold.
  • Refrain from smoking after midnight of the day of your surgery.
  • Patient should preregister two (2) days prior to surgery. This will enable us to obtain prior authorization, verify benefits and make financial arrangements. Please bring drivers license and insurance cards the day of surgery if you have not preregistered. If you cannot preregister we welcome you to call so that we may take down information over the telephone - anyone in the business office should be able to assist you.